310-1252 Transmission Filter

310-1252 Cat® Transmission Filter: Advanced filtration safeguards machinery with tailored protection, expert recommendations, and extended life features for optimal performance.

  • Advanced Filtration: Incorporates synthetic media to capture fine contaminants in severe applications, reducing wear and damage.
  • Seamless Hydraulic Fit: Ensures tight tolerances in high-pressure systems, maintaining optimal hydraulic function.
  • Transmission-Specific Design: Offers lower differential pressure, preventing bypass during cold starts and minimizing wear.
  • Cat UHE Benefits: Proprietary filter media enhances debris holding capability and resistance to collapse, extending system life.
  • Compatibility & Specs: 5.5-inch diameter, 12.27-inch length, 6.18-pound weight, designed for various equipment models.

The 310-1252 Cat® Hydraulic & Transmission Filter stands as a crucial choice for smart equipment owners committed to protecting their machinery. This overview delves into the features and advantages of this filter, emphasizing the significance of genuine Cat filtration products.

Advanced Filtration Technology

Cat Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) Hydraulic and Transmission Filters, including part number 310-1252, incorporate synthetic media designed for optimum contamination control in severe applications. The advanced filtration technology ensures the removal of a higher proportion of fine particles, safeguarding your equipment from wear and damage.

Transmission Filter
Transmission Filter

Tailored Protection for Hydraulic Systems

Cat Hydraulic Filters within this series offer unparalleled protection against contaminants and abrasives. By preventing wear within the high-pressure hydraulic system, these filters maintain tight tolerances, ensuring optimal hydraulic system performance.

Optimized Transmission Filter Design

The transmission filters, featured in this series, exhibit lower differential pressures than hydraulic elements. This design choice minimizes bypass during cold starts, optimizing machinery operation and reducing potential wear. Choosing the right filter is essential to avoid unnecessary damage to your equipment.

Transmission Filter
Transmission Filter

Expert Recommendations for Every Application

Given Cat®’s in-depth knowledge of equipment, users can rely on expert recommendations for the right filter for every application. The expertise extends to understanding the unique demands of your machinery, ensuring that each recommendation aligns with your specific equipment requirements.

Benefits of Cat UHE Filters

Cat UHE Filters, like the 310-1252, offer a range of benefits, including proprietary filter media for unsurpassed protection, increased debris holding capability, and enhanced resistance to collapse. These attributes collectively contribute to the extended life and reliability of your transmission and powertrain systems.

Transmission Filter
Transmission Filter

Efficiency Rating and Specifications

With a Standard Efficiency rating, the 310-1252 exhibits a body diameter of 5.5 inches, a length of 12.27 inches, and an approximate weight of 6.18 pounds. These specifications ensure compatibility and efficient performance within a variety of equipment models.

310-1252 Cat® Standard Efficiency Hydraulic/Transmission Filter is a vital component in maintaining equipment longevity and optimal performance. The commitment to genuine Cat filtration products is a strategic decision that ensures superior protection against contaminants and extends the life of your machinery. Make the switch to Cat Filters for a reliable and consistent solution, and contact your local Caterpillar dealer or utilize the part number search at catfiltercrossreference.com when you’re ready to enhance your equipment’s filtration system.