1R-0751 Cat Fuel Filter

1R-0751 Cat Fuel Filter stands as a testament to advanced engineering, providing superior engine protection by effectively removing harmful contaminants, ensuring optimal performance, and contributing to the extended lifespan of Cat machines.

  •  Unique filter media provides unsurpassed protection
  • Acrylic beads prevent bunching
  • Spiral roving provides greater pleat stability and maximum dirt holding capability
  • Nylon center tube prevents metal contamination
  • Molded end caps prevent leaks

Cat® Advanced Efficiency Fuel Filters represent a pinnacle in shielding your engine from the detrimental impact of small contaminants. While all fuel filters handle some abrasive particles, Cat filters excel in capturing and retaining the most damaging ones that can compromise sensitive fuel system components. Rigorous Caterpillar testing substantiates that Cat fuel filters provide unparalleled protection, elevating the performance of every Cat machine.

Unmatched Protection for Sensitive Components

The design of Cat Advanced Efficiency Fuel Filters ensures the removal of particles that cause the most harm, setting them apart from many competitive filters. Caterpillar’s testing underlines the superior protection these filters offer, showcasing their effectiveness in safeguarding sensitive fuel system components.


Performance Enhancement and Longevity of 1R-0751 Fuel Filter

Utilizing genuine Cat parts, including our filters like the 1R-0751, not only enhances machine performance but also guarantees longevity and higher resale value. These filters go beyond mere performance improvement; they actively shield vital components, contributing to a longer lifespan for your Cat machine.

Additional Protection with Advanced Efficiency

For those seeking additional protection, the option to use advanced efficiency fuel filters in place of standard efficiency elements further elevates the safeguarding of your engine.


Robust Construction for Cleanliness and Reliability

Crafted with a robust, one-piece can design and a non-metallic center tube that surpasses metal in cleanliness and strength, Cat Fuel Filters effectively minimize potential leaks. This construction ensures the utmost cleanliness for your fuel system and bolsters overall reliability.

1R-0739 Fuel Filter Tailored for Your Cat Machines

Designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Cat machines, our filters are not generic; they are finely tuned to the specifications of your equipment. This tailored approach guarantees optimal performance and steadfast protection for your fuel system, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.


Compatible Models for 1R-0739 Fuel Filter

CS-573D CS-573C CS-563 CP-533C CS-583D CP-533D CS-583C CP-563 CS-583 CB-634D CS-573 CB-634C CP-563D CP-563C CP-533 CS-533D CS-533C CB-634 CS-531D CS-531C CS-563C CS-563D CS-533 CS-531

1R-0751 Cat Fuel Filter is not just a component; it’s a testament to Caterpillar’s commitment to providing superior protection for Cat engines, ensuring they run at peak performance and longevity.