093-7521 Transmission Oil Filter

093-7521 Transmission Oil Filter: Officially designed for diverse Caterpillar equipment, this filter delivers efficient filtration, extended service life, and superior compatibility across various models to maintain optimal hydraulic & transmission system performance.

  • Multi-Model Compatibility: Fits various models for seamless integration.
  • Efficient Filtration: Safeguards against wear with standard efficiency.
  • Longer Oil Change Intervals: Captures more contaminants, prolongs service life.
  • Optimized Lubrication: Reduces repairs, maximizes uptime via precise filtration.
  • Versatile Fitment: Simplifies inventory for diverse equipment types.
  • Robust Durability: Built tough for reliable operation and extended system longevity.

The 093-7521 Standard Efficiency Hydraulic/Transmission Oil Filter is a crucial component in maintaining system cleanliness and integrity.

Efficient Filtration for Normal and Light Duty Applications

Designed for most normal and light duty applications, Cat® Standard Efficiency Filters act as the first line of defense against component wear due to oil contamination. They ensure quality, consistency, and superior filtration, contributing to on-machine performance.


Transmission-Specific Design for Extended Service Intervals

Cat® Transmission Filters, including part number 093-7521, are tailored to hold more contaminants, offering longer service intervals in transmission systems. Choosing the correct filter at appropriate maintenance intervals is pivotal for optimal performance.

Proper Lubrication for Reduced Repair Costs

Ensuring proper lubrication of hydraulic and transmission systems minimizes repair costs and increases uptime for income-generating equipment. Cat® Filters are a sound business decision, designed by the same company that manufactures the machinery.


Compatibility with Various Models

The 093-7521 Hydraulic/Transmission Oil Filter is compatible with a range of Cat® models, including but not limited to WORK TOOL, WHEELED EXCAVATOR, EXCAVATOR, MATERIAL HANDLER, and FOREST PRODUCTS. Its versatile application makes it a reliable choice across diverse equipment configurations.

Easy Replacement with Genuine Cat® Elements

Owners not currently using Cat® Filters can easily replace their will-fit filters with genuine Cat® Elements. Making the switch is straightforward, ensuring a seamless transition to superior fit and performance.


Enhanced Longevity and Reliability

Precision engineering of Cat® Filters, such as the 093-7521, contributes to extended hydraulic system life, reducing maintenance frequency. Their robust construction ensures reliable performance in various working conditions.

Investing in the 093-7521 Standard Efficiency Hydraulic/Transmission Oil Filter is a strategic decision to optimize the functionality of Caterpillar equipment. Whether for WORK TOOL, WHEELED EXCAVATOR, EXCAVATOR, MATERIAL HANDLER, or FOREST PRODUCTS models, this filter guarantees efficient filtration and sustained equipment performance.