Atlas Copco 1613872000 Air Filter

1613872000 Atlas Copco Air Filter Element is a high-quality OEM part specifically designed for the GX15, GX18, and GX22 air compressors, providing optimal filtration and durability while ensuring peak performance and system efficiency.

  • Part NO.:1613872000
  • Total Height:134 mm
  • Product Net Weight:0.35 Kg
  • Largest Inner Diameter:67 mm
  • Outer Diameter:118 mm

In the realm of compressed air systems, uncompromising quality is paramount. Meet the Atlas Copco OEM Air Filter Element – an exclusively tailored solution crafted for Atlas Copco GX15, GX18, and GX22 air compressors. This essential component not only safeguards your investment but also ensures peak performance, leaving no room for anything less than OEM perfection.

Direct Compatibility and Seamless Integration

Opting for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) air filter means choosing a product meticulously designed to meet the precise specifications and quality standards set by Atlas Copco. This premier air filter is not merely a component; it’s a guarantee of long-term efficiency and durability for your compressed air system.


Precision Filtration at its Finest

The OEM Air Filter Element is an epitome of precision, capturing even the tiniest particles in the air supply. This precision isn’t just a feature; it’s a frontline defense, preventing the intrusion of harmful contaminants and ensuring the longevity of the compressor.

Genuine Atlas Copco Quality Assurance

The air filter offers Genuine Atlas Copco Quality, ensuring it’s not just compatible but seamlessly integrates with your GX15, GX18, and GX22 air compressors. This direct compatibility not only minimizes downtime but also maximizes operational efficiency.


Rugged Construction for Unwavering Reliability

Crafted with durability in mind, the air filter boasts a construction from top-grade materials, ensuring resilience even in the face of demanding operational conditions. This robustness significantly contributes to the overall reliability of your compressed air system.

Effortless Installation for Operational Convenience

Designed for user-friendly installation, the OEM Air Filter Element ensures a perfect fit, streamlining the replacement process. This ease of installation not only reduces downtime but also simplifies routine maintenance tasks for enhanced operational convenience.


Performance Optimization for Longevity

Maintaining an efficient air filtration system is pivotal for sustaining optimal air quality, directly influencing the performance of your compressed air system. Consistently using OEM filters becomes an investment in the longevity of your air compressor, ultimately leading to reduced long-term operational costs.

Atlas Copco OEM 1613872000 Air Filter Element stands as a testament to unwavering commitment – a commitment to quality, compatibility, and performance. Choosing OEM is not just a choice; it’s an investment in the optimal functioning, longevity, and efficiency of your compressed air system. Trust in the OEM advantage for an air filtration solution that goes beyond industry standards, ensuring your air compressor operates at its peak for years to come.